Thursday, February 19, 2009

After all Barack has done....

Ever since November 4, 2008, that has been my catchphrase when I see people of color just make gosh darn fools of themselves. Accompanied, of course, by the requisite lip purse and dissaproving head shake.


1) Octamom
2) Chris Brown and Rihanna
3) Katt Williams losing his damn mind

But, sometimes, you can't help but be proud!

Stanky Leggg

Durrty Booty

Friday, February 13, 2009

What do you do with your Umberela-ela-ela

I was researching the Chris Brown/Rhianna 'embarrassment to black people after all Barack's done' debacle (I'm on Team Rhianna, mostly because I like Umbrella more than I like No Air) I found this comment this simple bitch left one someone else's blog. It gets AMAZING at the end....


"As a women, I feel if you hit a man, why shouldnt you get hit back. Oh, just because hes a man. No, If you could dish it, you should be able to take it. them 2 should just be friends. they are very young. and both of them are going to see and meet, plenty of people. I heard it was Leona Lewis that text message Chris. Rihanna should not get jealous. Leona Lewis just came to this country, she has a boyfriend. maybe she just wanted to talk to Chris. I like both of them. Rihanna has to stop being so jealous. I heard when his fans ask him for his autograph or want to go back stage. She gets upset. Rihanna you must realize this is this kid bread & butter. Its the fans that are making you and him rich. I feel you guys should just be friends. I remember yrs ago, I smashed my boyfriends windows out of his car, because I caught him at a hotel with a female. I was arrested. and the judge told me I had to pay for his windows. I paid like $5.00 a month. Now I look back and say "what a fool I was. how could I have ever went with him. sometimes we look back at some of the things we say and do, and say to ourselves, how could I? Rihanna & Chris should just be friends. You guys both have a chance with your careers, but who knows next time."