Friday, August 31, 2007

Teacher, are you in love? POP POP POP

If you don't know about South Korea in the summer time. Let me school you. It's humid. Really really humid. Meaning, you walk out of the shower and dry yourself off and three seconds later you're wet. (with sweat, for those of you who didn't understand). Consequently, the second I stepped off the airplane, my forehead decided to revolt.

Jael's forehead: What?! You didn't tell me the weather was going to be like this! You bitch, I tought we had an understanding that you needed pre-approval before coming to a place like. That's it! You asked for it! Come on guys! Do your thing!

1000 pimple army: YAY!

But that's not the point of this blog. The following conversation is:

Sylvia: Teacher! Are you in love?
Jael: No, Sylvia, I don't think so. Why?
Sylvia: Your temple. (gets uncomfortably close to Jael's forehead) pop, pop, pop.
Jael: (Backing away) They're called pimples, Sylvia. Sit down, please. We have to start.
Sylvia: In Korea, they say that when you fall in love your hormones change. (gets closer) And teacher, you're temple, pop, pop, pop.
Jael: Thank you, Sylvia. Sit down.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Are you wearing your mother's panties?

(Sexy)Sean is one of my favorite boys in TIC (Total immersion course at the language school I teach at-- he basically stays at the school from 9-5:30 every day learning english). He's really smart, loves everything about the english language and is kinda a big brother to everyone in the group.

Here's a recent conversation I had with him...

(Jael walks into the room wearing a dress)

Sean: Wow, Jael, you look beautiful today! Why are you wearing a dress?
Jael: Oh, I haven't done laundry in a while and all I have left is really fancy stuff
Sean: (huge smile on face) so... are you... wearing your mother's panties?
Jael: Excuse me?!
Sean: Are you... wearing... you're mother's panties (looks at Jael like she's an idiot)
Jael: Why are you asking me that?!
Sean: Because I saw friends yesterday and Rachel says she wears her mother's panties when she doesn't do laundry. So... are you wearing your mother's panties?
Jael: OH!! It's granny panties! And you're not allowed to ask me that!
Sean: (realizes what he just said, and blushes)

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