Friday, January 30, 2009

The Remnant!

My roommate Eri and I have been kinda gansta, health-style, since the new year. And I don't know, it just feels different this time. This time there are no gimmicky diets, we're not being competitive. We're actually doing this the RIGHT way and we're encouraging each other along the way. Especially via our sticker system that monitors our workouts, food, and water intake

But this week, a we both arrived at a milestone that I will never forget. I went to the gym after work, as usual, and realized that there was no line for the treadmill, I didn't have to wait for my favorite EFX. THE GYM WAS EMPTY!!! That's when I knew it, "This is what it feels like. When the new years resolution rush is over and the Real McCoys have the gym all to themselves" I texted eri to tell her what happened. She said the same thing happened at her gym.



ellen said...

its true! you've made it past fad exercising. good on ya for getting that lifestyle change in the works, homie!

Erica said...

thats right jylos!!
we're part of the remnant... in more ways than one :)

Deidre C. said...

Congrats!!! you've arrived!!!