Thursday, September 13, 2007

Teacher, do you like ice cream

I hate my schedule this term. I start at 7am in the morning, and end at 9:10pm (with a rediculously long break in between). I'm expected to be happy and cheerful this entire time (bitches). However, God has granted me an awesome 8:10 class. They are all really funny and energetic which gets me through that difficult final hour.

There are three students in particular: Jack, Danny and Son. Danny is a 20 year old college student and the class clown. Jack is an office worker in his late 20/early 30s, who should really know better and Son is their shy and quiet friend, who should really find a better crowd to hang out with.

For some reason, the first two get their kicks by reminding me that they are single (there's also this perception here that black girls are uber sexual, where would they get that idea)while poor Son just blushes and smiles. Their comments are funny at first, but then usually get old and annoying, so I pretend that I don't hear them.

But I couldn't ignore this one.

Danny: Teacher, do you like ice cream?
me: Yes, Danny, I love ice cream.
Danny: Well, he's chocolate, I'm strawberry and he's vanilla. Pick a flavor.
Jack: This is an important question, so we would really appreciate an answer.
Son: (Blushes and smiles)

I couldn't hate. That was really clever for level 1

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I'm SOOO official it's not even funny

I kind of had this fantasy that being a missionary in Korea would some how automatically make me thin. Like, I'd just lose 30 lbs without even trying. I mean look at Day and Ellen. Well, what those bitches forgot to mention is that they work their asses off at the gym. We all know day can get down on a treadmill, and Ellen's significant other is a personal trainer. But silly me thought I could have all the rich and kim that my heart desired (then take a nap) and when I woke up the lbs would just be gone. Well that wasn't true. Boy was my face red.

So, in august, I decided to get a gym membership, EXPENSIVE AS HELL!!! $45 for the month- you think that would make me go? NOPE. In the entire month of august I went 3 time. That's $15 a visit. So, september, I turned over a new leaf. No more of this being fat shit. I'm doing a sort of biggest loser competition with 2 teachers from school. And let me tell you, i'm winning. I'm low carb (which is hard to pull off in Korea) I've been going to the gym every afternoon. And on wednesday Jin, the gym guy said "Hi, Jael, nice to see you again!" That mean I'm an official gym rat if the owner of the gym knows my name. I'm so offical it's not even funny (hence the title).

And, according to Day, my breasts have reduced in size, which is a good sign, cause I've already lost 2 kilos (which is 4.4 lbs) HURRAH FOR THE OFFICIAL GYM RAT!!!!