Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mr. Darcy (kiss) Mr. Darcy (kiss) Mr. Darcy (doonk)

It is a truth universally acknowlegded, that every woman in posession of hormones, MUST eventually fall madly in love with Mr. Darcy, whether she wants to or not.

Such is the case with my cousin Allie, who is the closest thing I have to a little sister. As such, I've selflessly taken it upon myself to teach her the ways of the world. Including, of course, trying to instill a love of Pride and Prejudice and all other things Janes Austen.

However, Allie's been reticent to accept her eventual fate. And having only just forgiven her for falling asleep during the 5 hour BBC version our beloved book, I was surprised to recieve the following text messages from her

(Text Messages between Allie [in Puerto Rico awaiting the start of summer semester]and Jael [New York, working, apparently])

I miss my cousin Jael so I'm gonna watch pride and prejudice right now in her honor. Or Maybe I'm just really bored so hopefully this will help me fall asleep.

oh snap! the 5 hour one or the new one? I watched the new one last night

Hell no 5 hours. The new one. Its actually a tad bit humorous. I'm not sayin I'm startin to like it

Whatever, you love it. Is it for class?

No. I don't start until tomorrow

What an asshole! Mr darcy.

LOL. I thought you hated it. Why are you getting emotionally involved?

Because I can relate to Elizabeth and her relationship with her dad

You should read the book it's even better

He confessed he loves her! oh my gah!

that's the BEST SCENE EVER!!!

My jaw is on the ground. He made it seem like he was gonna kiss her and then left. I hate this movie lol

oh my gah! He smiled at her for the first time ever!

Jael, he did it all her for! he did it all for her!




My work here is done.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What I learned from Papi.

My Dad, host of Power 1310's El Bembe de la Manana, and one of the coolest guys I know, is a staunch, rather militant supporter of Barack Obama. Every now and then during his call-in show, he comes across a caller who says something racist, in reference to the Obama campaign. But Papi is pretty quick to diffuse the situation, and return the show to a more positive tone. When asked why he doesn't more forcefully shun these callers, Papi manages to convince you that their sentiments are that of a minority of the Hispanic population, more specifically, an uneducated and probably disenfranchised cohort, who should be pitied, rather than abhorred. And rather than play into their game, he chooses to challenge their logic. But one can't help but wonder if these comments affect this man, with a black mother and a black daughter, more than he lets on.

Then today, I found this article: Racism alarms Obama's Backers. At first I was shocked and angered that in this century, people can cite someone being a, "half-breed" as a reason not to vote for them. But then I began to understand why the Obama campaign makes it a point to underplay the "race issue" and why Papi feels the way he feel. Yes, this is sad and yes, it should make you angry, but it's also laughable and it should make you wonder. Rather than hate these people, and launch a counter attack, we should take the time to educate and enlighten.

Because in the end Hope trumps fear, Knowledge trumps ignorance, Love trumps hatred.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Giving the gift of wisdom, one hopeless child at a time!

This is an excerpt from a recent conversation I had with one of the boys I tutor--

Jael: Seriously, Joey*, you need to focus, I'm not going over this again.
Joey: Jael, I have a question for you.
Jael: Shoot.
Joey: This is serious, though.
Jael: Ok, what is it?
Joey: If a guys sticks it in a girl, but takes it out right away, is he still a virgin?
Jael: WHAT?!
Joey: Like, you stick it in, but nothing happens, cause he takes it back out real quick. Is he still a virgin?
Jael: I don't think so, Joe.
Joey: (look of absolute horror crosses his face, slowly replaced by a massive smile) Alllrrriigghhtt!

*name has been changed

Thursday, May 08, 2008

There's one born every minute...

This morning, I got an email from the Body Shop informing me that as a card-carrying "Love Your Body" member, I was entitled to a free lavender body wash and 20%off my entire purchase, should I choose to buy anything. So I went during my lunch hour, just to look.

Then the sales lady showed me their new makeup line, of which I had to get the shimmery eye shadow (set of 4), and a glossy lipstick (it was a toss-up between raspberry and caramel, I got caramel). Then she informed me that if I spend just 5 more dollars I can get 2 points on my card, bringing me up to a total of 4 points, which means a free $15 gift. Well, try finding something at the Body Shop for $5 that you can't get at Target for $1. Being financially conscious, I opted instead for the Seaweed Night Cream (to go of course with the Seaweed Day Cream, the Seaweed Cleanser and the Seaweed Toner that I have at home). My trip, "just to look" ended up in a $40 purchase (I'm on a budget!). I went back to work fuming, but looking fabulous from trying on all the new makeup. But honestly, they really know how to get you, who knew 1 little email was going to cost me so much. I swore that from that moment on, I wasn't going to let myself get swindled and hoodwinked like that! I am, Jael, mistress of my own destiny and wallet and I can totally control myself when these temptations come, now that I know the warning signs!

But tomorrow, I'm going back for the fucking raspberry.